Novel Instructions by Ontario for Complete PNP Application Submissions

All those potentially interested immigrant applicants as well as their representatives have been subjected to a freshly released set of norms and guidelines as far as the provincial nomination program for Ontario goes.

The OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) is duly responsible for the collection, storage, and management of completed PNP applications by all those interested candidates. In case certain applications are found to possess missing information or details, the authorities are permitted to send them back to the respective owners. In this method, by acceptance of only duly completed applications for its PNP program, Ontario vouches towards a reduced processing time of all applications.

These newly released instructions are solely targeted towards two main groups – the Expression of Interest as well as Ontario Express Entry applicants.

Streams included in Ontario’s Express Entry

Those proceeding with personal applications through an Express Entry pathway are eligible to receive points as scores pertaining to educational qualifications provided they have completed their studies abroad and are able to reproduce an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).

Ontario authorities have essentially listed the WES (World Education Services) and associated details on its official website, however educational credential assessments are not just limited to this organization. Canada’s federal government also presents a comprehensive list containing all such approved websites.

The OINP will only be able to access one’s ECA once they have successfully received authority from their WES to do so. For this to take place, one needs to place an active order for an additional copy of their ECA report through the online portal. While following this procedure, one needs to enter the OINP as the principal recipient.

The sole authority to share your assessment results lying with the WES towards the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) shall not be fruitful in safeguarding your position in the provincial nomination program of Ontario.

Your application could be sent back to you being labeled with a status of ‘incomplete’ in case you have not authorized your WES to share your personal data along with the OINP. However, in this situation, the fees proceeded towards your original application shall be duly refunded too. It’s guaranteed that your opportunity to re-apply shall be lost without you receiving a notification of interest from the province.

Attestation Forms for the Expression of Interest streams

A PDF soft copy of the Attestation Form needs to be attached along with the main application documentation for those potential candidates applying via the Employer Job Offer stream. This form needs to be printed, ink-signed by the candidate, and duly uploaded through the online portal under the ‘Other’ section belonging to the Supporting Documents section.

If one fails to attach a duly signed PDF copy of the said form, the application is labeled as incomplete and the fee shall be refunded. Another future chance to reapply to the same program shall be lost, if an EOI isn’t submitted along with the receival of a novel ITA (invitation to apply) for provincial nomination.

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