Skill shortage in Australia


Australia is under a skill shortage, as many
Australian employers are struggling to find specialized skilled workers. Many
jobs are going unfilled due to the skill shortage.

As per a report, it is expected that Australia’s skill
insufficiency will reach 29 million by 2030. As per the Australia Bureau of
Statistics 243,200 jobs were stationed vacant on May 2019.

Regular research is done by the Department of
Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business to identify skill shortages in
the country. The skill shortage occupation list is also released by the
Department at a national /state and regional level.

The following occupations are facing skill shortage,
as per a report released in the latter half of 2018:

  1. Automotive
  2. Engineering
  3. Food
  4. Engineering
  5. Health
  6. Nurses
  7. Teachers

The Australian government releases the skilled
occupation list based on the skill shortages in various occupations. There are
main three categories of Skilled Occupation List:

  • Regional Occupation List (ROL)
  • Medium / Long Term Skill Shortage List
  • Short-term Skill Shortage List (STSSL)

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