The bio-metric rule of Canada has extended to Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Americas

The biometric rule of Canada has extended to Asia Asia Pacific andthe Americas

The requirement for biometric will come into effect from December 31 for the people of Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Biometrics is a mandatory requirement of fingerprints and photo for all the applicants visiting Canada. Canada’s biometrics expansion was started late July, when the requirement was implemented to the applicants from the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. This is the second phase of the biometrics drive.

The biometrics is used by the Government of Canada for identification purpose of anyone applying for a Canadian permanent residence, work or study permit or a visitor visa, including Express Entry candidates or asylum in Canada. Anyone between the ages of 14 to 79 years of age must provide biometric information, except for asylum cases where there is no upper age limit.

Tourists from visa-exempt countries with a valid Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will not be required to provide biometrics. Biometrics data helps the visa officers to confirm traveler’s identity.

Biometrics Identification helps prevent:

  • Identity theft and fraud
  • Criminals from entering Canada
  • Deportees from re-entering without permission
  • Failed refugees from re-entering Canada using false identity documents

The record of fingerprints is kept for 15 years from the time the applicants provide them and after which they are deleted.

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