Ultimate Guide to Life in Canada – Important documents

Ultimate Guide to Life in Canada - Important document

This is the third part in our series of “Ultimate Guide to Life in Canada”. In this post we talk about the important documents that you need to get as soon as possible if you’re a new Canadian permanent resident.

Permanent resident card
The permanent resident card is the official proof of your status as a permanent resident in Canada. Permanent residents who want to return to Canada after travelling abroad must present this document. You may also use your permanent resident card as an identification document (ID) in a variety of situations, such as to request other government documents (health card, Social Insurance Number), to access government services, or to open a bank account.

You will get your PR card as part of the immigration procedure if you are a new permanent resident. If you do not have a Canadian mailing address before arriving in Canada, you must inform IRCC as soon as possible after you arrive.

Social Insurance Number
As soon as you arrive in Canada, you should also apply for a SIN. Service Canada, on behalf of the federal government, issues a nine-digit number known as a SIN. This is the number you’ll need to work in Canada and avail of federal programs and benefits.

You are responsible for safeguarding your SIN from misuse, fraud, and theft. Only provide your SIN when required. For example:

• After you’ve found a job, show it to your new employer.;

• For income tax purposes;

Health card
In Canada, the government pays for most health care services using tax revenue. This implies that you don’t have to pay for most treatments when you visit a doctor, clinic, or hospital. In order to receive medical treatment in Canada, you must have a health insurance card. Each time you require medical assistance, you must show your card.

As soon as you come to Canada, you should apply for a health insurance card from your provincial or territorial government. You can obtain an application form at a doctor’s office, hospital, pharmacy, or an immigrant-serving organization. You may also get the paperwork from the relevant province or territory’s health ministry on the internet.

You will be required to present identification, such as a birth certificate, passport, permanent resident card, or Confirmation of Permanent Residence, when you apply for your health insurance card.

In most provinces, each family member is given his/her own card with a unique health identification number. When you or someone in your family requires medical care, you must carry the card with you and show it to staff at a hospital or clinic.

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