232 invites sent out through Manitoba’s PNP Draw


Manitoba conducted its latest immigration draw and released the results of the same to the general public.

Manitoba hosted its provincial nomination program titled the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) on the 25th of May, opening its wings to 232 potential candidates, which directly accelerated their final applications for the status of Permanent Residency.

Manitoba invests time on a regular basis to apply for immigration through a chain of three core programs, namely, the International Education Stream, the Skilled Workers in Manitoba, and the Skilled Workers Overseas. Candidates must mandatorily have an EOI profile (Expression of Interest) in order to become an essential part of the second program.

Manitoba’s latest draw results have been presented below:

  • International Education Stream — 20 invitations (no minimum EOI score)
  • Skilled Workers (within Manitoba) — 166 invitations (minimum EOI score = 415)
  • Skilled Workers (Overseas) — 46 invitations (minimum EOI score = 703)

Apart from these, Express Entry candidates were also sent out a total of 20 invites labeled as Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs).

Manitoba’s Immigration Programs

These have been designed with the pure intention of luring International candidates to encourage them to build a life and settle within this province. In this case, the MPNP is the sole way the provincial government looks into immigration-related details and this is how they communicate applications of these immigrations directly to the federal government. The Canadian provinces by themselves aren’t authorized to deal out PR statuses, however, they can certainly provide a notable push to these applications by issuing provincial nominations.

For accomplishing a nomination through Manitoba, it’s important to have an EOI with the MPNP. This will speed up the process and eligibility of receiving an LAA in collaboration with the Skilled Workers Overseas and the Skilled Workers in Manitoba streams.

Candidates are then proceeded to be ranked out a total of 1000 points to account for human capital factors and their preexisting connections to the province. Through the Skilled Workers in Manitoba and the Skilled Workers Overseas Category, only identification of potential candidates satisfying the needs of the current labor market is possible.

Overseas candidates can proceed to display their Manitoba connections by demonstrating proof of having close family ties, some sort of past working/living experience in the province, or the direct receiving of an invite by courtesy of one of Manitoba’s Strategic Recruitment Initiatives. While applying, it’s not a necessity to be residing within the province in order to prove eligibility.

For being eligible to receive invites through the Skilled Workers in Manitoba category, one should compulsorily possess a job offer that is full-time via the authority of a provincial employer.

International graduate students who have successfully completed their Manitoba education are eligible to receive an LAA via the International Education Stream, however, they would first have to verify the possession of in-demand skillsets.

Express Entry in Manitoba

This is the preliminary method for the country to handle skilled worker applications. When one applies directly through this pathway, they can skip the PNP process entirely and receive a PR invitation. Although, it’s been observed that the possession of a provincial nomination steadfasts the status of receiving a PR label through the  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Al three of the aforementioned federal immigration programs form an essential part of this application management system. Upon profile submission, CRS ranks (Comprehensive Ranking System) are allotted based on a wide variety of factors such as one’s age, working experience, language proficiency skills, and educational background. The highest-scoring candidates are then eligible to receive PR applications whenever an Express Entry draw is hosted.

A striking fact is the earning of about 600 points if one possesses an additional provincial nomination from a PNP like Manitoba’s MPNP. This prestigious achievement is enough to get one eligible for receiving an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Express Entry.

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