Ontario’s 2021 Provincial Nominations

Ontario’s 2021 Provincial Nominations

On an annual basis, the provinces of Canada start preparing to issue provincial nominations in order to drive in applications aiming to achieve a PR status within the country. For this year of 2021, Ontario has revealed its plans for PNP.

Ontario has received permission from the federal government for the issuance of 8,350 nominations along with an additional 250 targeted towards temporary foreign workers whose job specifications can be categorized as falling under skill level C as per the NOC (National Occupational Classification). In order to qualify for such job positions, one must secure a high school education or job-specific and relevant training.

In contrast to this year, Ontario conducted nominations for about 8,054 principal applicants last year regardless of the issues of closed borders and associated COVID-19 related restrictions. On the other hand, the year before that, 2019, witnessed 7,391 nominations. That was the exact same year when Vic Fedeli, Ontario’s Immigration Minister tried procuring the input of the federal government over issuing about 13,300 nominations for the upcoming year 2022.

The OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) has been gaining much popularity since the year 2021 began. This commenced with the launching of the EOI (Expression of Interest) system affiliated with programs belonging to the Employer Job Offer Category, which gives a time-independent opportunity for immigration applicants to receive a chance for provincial nomination without being an Express Entry pool candidate.

Ontario’s PNP

Owing to the exceeding popularity of Ontario as an immigration destination, a number of tailored programs have been designed for those interested in settling down here. The main goal would be the provinces devising ways in which immigrants could satisfy the economic requirements of the said province.

A record observed stated that many PNPs have successfully secured job positions in Ontario, often just within their first round of applying. This could be justified due to the possession of past Canadian Experience as suggested by a study conducted by Statistics Canada.

The choice of selection of a suitable immigration program is highly dependent on every individual’s situation. For example, the Human Capital Priorities Stream is designed in such a way that it promotes applications without the need of ever having entered Canada. Apart from this, pathways like the Master’s Graduate stream require possession of at least a domestic education or a job offer in the best-case scenario.

Two broad PNP categories could be classified as follows: Base PNPs (which function independently within the province e.g. Employer Job Offer Category) and Enhanced PNPs (which focus on sending invites to applicants of the Express Entry system e.g. Ontario Express Entry Streams).

Your PR status isn’t guaranteed merely by a provincial nomination but it does work wonders in supporting you in this venture. The final decision lies solely with Canada’s federal government.

Ontario’s Express Entry

Keeping aside the PNP application, Express Entry provides scope for sending out direct applications to the federal government. The primary goal was speeding up the process of immigration applications thereby leveraging Canada to select the most suitable candidates for a PR along with the potential to thrive within the current job market.

Interest candidates must prove eligibility into either one of these programs: the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Canadian Experience Class, or the Federal Skilled Worker Program, all of which belong to the Federal High Skilled programs.

After completing registration by uploading one’s profile in the pool, documents should be uploaded and a score would be provided based on cumulative factors like one’s age group, past working experience, language proficiency skills, educational background among others.

The candidates capturing the highest scores are proceeded to be invited for PR applications via the Express Entry draws carried out regularly within the province.

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