Ontario held its first-ever Draw for the International Student stream

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A total of 138 international students were invited on the 18th of May to proceed with their applications for a provincial nomination. These invites were sent out by the OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) only to those candidates belonging to the novel pool of EOI (Expression of Interest).

These eligible candidates thus stand a chance to get qualified for the Ontario Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream. A minimum of 77 as their EOI score was a necessity to receive this qualification. Another requirement was their possession of job offers within the province of Ontario.

What is the Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream?

The province of Ontario keeps this stream open for foreign national candidates possessing suitable job offers from Ontario-based employers. It’s not a compulsion to apply while residing within Canada, as long as one satisfies all the necessary eligibility criteria.

Some of the criteria are as follows:

  • One must have successfully completed a program registered under a Canadian Designated Learning Institution
  • One must possess an eligible job offer from the province of Ontario
  • One must have the intention to immigrate to the province and settle down there.

In order to apply for this PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), it’s essential to register with a personal EOI profile on the official Ontario website. Followed by this, your profile shall enter the EOI candidate pool. The province will score your profile on the basis of your submitted information. Factors taken into consideration for this purpose include your educational background, language proficiency skills, skillset level of the job offer in hand, working experience, salary details, and your region of pursuing studies/work, among others.

How does one secure points for Immigrating to Ontario?

The province of Ontario places its whole point-distribution system on the prime goal of selecting individuals that show the zeal to thrive. For this, it ranks everyone’s EOI profiles based on certain human capital factors.

You can receive points for the skill level of the job offer acquired, as well as your working experience in Canada. For assigning these points, Ontario employs the NOC (National Occupational Classification) system.

Depending upon the type of stream you opt to apply for, you will be subjected to different OINP scoring patterns. Apart from testing the skill level of the job offer you received and your Canadian working experience, you will also be judged based on salary details, educational background, language proficiency, and the region where you studied/worked. The province keeps aside 10 points to be allocated in order to respond to labor market requirements.

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