South Australian businesses will profit by the pending presentation of two Designated Area Migration Agreements


The Government of South Australia is at present settling and finalizing the details of the Designated Area Migration Agreements with the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

The Designated Area Migration Agreements will empower South Australian businesses to support talented abroad laborers for positions they feel that they are unable to fill in with local skilled workers. The Designated Area Migration Agreements will give access to extra occupations and concessions to the standard movement program.

South Australia’s Designated Area Migration Agreements will use the work understanding stream of the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482). This visa is for skilled specialists designated by a business with a Labour Agreement. It gives you a chance to live and work in Australia temporarily.

Certain criteria to be satisfied for TSS visa:

Stay: Up to a limit of 4 years, contingent upon the terms in the work understanding.

Cost: From AUD2,455

Handling times:

  • 75% of applications: 18 days
  • 90% of utilization: 39 days

With this visa, you can:

  • work in Australian for as long as 4 years for your support
  • study (you won’t get government help)
  • travel to and from Australia the same number of times as you need, while the visa is valid

You should:

  • have a reasonable pertinent abilities evaluation for some of the occupations
  • work for your support
  • have Sufficient knowledge of English

Organizations will go into a work concurrence with the Australian Government and laborers will at that point be allowed a subclass 482 visa. As the Agreements are a business supported visa program, individual laborers can’t have any significant bearing for a visa independently.


South Australia’s Designated Area Migration Agreements are:

  • Adelaide Technology and Innovation Advancement Agreement – which centers around Adelaide’s cutting-edge development enterprises including space, defense, innovation, and advanced manufacturing businesses.
  • South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement – which centers around South Australia’s local high development ventures including agribusiness, wellbeing and social administrations, the travel industry and hospitality, development, and mining.

The key points of South Australia’s Designated Area Migration Agreements are to give:

  • pathways to permanent residency for visa holders in many occupations recorded
  • a more extensive scope of occupations that reflect skilled and semi-talented shortages in South Australia, without any firm warning to apply
  • English language concessions for certain occupations
  • Salary concessions in applicable occupations that reflect South Australia’s market rates
  • Increased age-limit for chosen occupations.


In building up the Designated Area Migration Agreements, the Government of South Australia has counseled with a scope of partners in the ventures secured by the Designated Area Migration Agreements. The Government of South Australia will keep on counseling with employers as the Designated Area Migration Agreements are executed. It is expected that the Designated Area Migration Agreements will be rolled out in a couple of months.

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