Steps involved after Invitation to Apply or an ITA


Ever wondered what has to be done after you receive an Invitation to Apply? Do you think that once you receive an ITA, all the troubles are over now? Well, the answer is a big NO.

What happens once you receive an ITA?

Following are the key steps involved post ITA:

  • Follow the stipulated time: As we all know an ITA is valid for only 90 days. If you fail to follow the deadline and file all the necessary documents post ITA, then the ITA will get expired and you will have to start again. Don’t forget to fill the applications within the stipulated time of 90 days or 3months.
  • Medical Exam: This is a crucial part of the PR Process. The Canadian Government wants to make sure that you are fit and fine and are healthy to be eligible for the PR Visa. The medical test certifies that you don’t have any kind of deadly diseases. An IRCC designated physician must conduct your examination and provide you a health certificate. The certificate provided by the doctor must be attached with the application.
  • Passport and other travel documents: All the travel documents and all your passports must be submitted along with other required documents as per the Canadian PR documents checklist.
  • Fill out the application with zero errors. Never forget to mention any changes in your previous application, if any. And fill the online application with 100% accuracy. In case of any kind of misrepresentation of information or facts, the Government may ban your profile for at least 5 years. So, make sure there are zero false facts on your application.
  • Verification of your application will be done. This includes your employment and medical status, document review, etc. You may be asked to submit some more documents if needed.

If everything goes well, your PR Visa will get approved as soon as six months also, depending upon your score.

How does ISA help in post ITA procedure?

We have been in the immigration industry for more than a decade, so we know the process like the back of our hand. Once, you get in touch with us, we will make this procedure as smooth as possible for you. We guide you from day one till you get your Permanent Residency Visa.  All the application and required documents are done by us, so you can just relax and enjoy your immigration process. Please contact ISA Global and speak to our experts

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