10-year visa ban on providing false information: Australia Immigration

Australian immigration department introduced a new rule against providing false or misleading information during visa application. A ban of 10 years on the visa is to be imposed from November 18, 2017 in cases of visa fraud.

The Australian Immigration department will impose 10 years visa ban on applicants, who provide false or misleading information while filing their visa application.

The new rule is to come into play on November 18, 2017.

The new rule as per the Migration Legislation Amendment Regulations 2017 will increase review time-period to 10 years, which is currently 12 months, to check if an applicant had given any kind of bogus documentation or false and misleading information to the Australian Government and bar him for 10 years.

The Immigration Minister said that a 10-year review period is a “necessary, reasonable and proportionate” measure to protect the integrity of the visa framework.

Applicants are at a liberty to re-apply for the visa after one year of the ban, as if now. But, once the new rule will be in effect, they will have to wait for 10 years to re-apply for the same, which is very much like a refusal (depending on the eligibility criterion)for most of them by the Australian immigration department.

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