Recent Changes in Canada Immigration Laws


There is a good news for people who want to apply for a Permanent Residency for Canada this year. The Canada Immigration Policy has become a little bit lenient and easy for aspiring immigrants. There are few changes in the Canadian Immigration policies that will have a great impact on Immigration to Canada this year. These changes are believed to make immigration policies easier for the aspiring candidates.  

Below are the few changes in Canada Immigration policy that have already taken place: 

  1. The target for Canadian immigration has already gone up to 3,00,000 immigrants for 2017. The target for economic immigration has gone up from 1,60,600 to 1,72,500. Whereas, Family class immigration will be increased from 80,000 to 84,000. Quota for Refugees and Protected people has gone down from 55,800 to 40,000, and Humanitarian and Other has decreased from 3,600 to 3,500.
  2. There have been certain changes in the Comprehensive rating system also. Potential immigrants will now have 3 months or 90 days time to submit pending documents and Visa Processing Fees after being issued an ITA or the Invitation to Apply. A job offer from a Canadian employer will be worth either 200 points or 50 points, depending on the NOC occupation code. 
  3. Spousal sponsorship will be processed faster and will take approximately 12 months in 2017. Canadian Government has committed to improving their processing time for it’s Canadian citizens and PR Visa holders sponsoring their spouses. In Future, most applications will be processed within 12 months.
  4. Work Permit Pilot program for spouses and Common-law partner applying for PR Visa from within Canada will be extended till Dec 2017. To be eligible for this program, the spouse or the common-law partner must be living in Canada and their spouse or Common-law partners must hold Canadian Citizenship or PR Visa.
  5. Parents and Grandparents sponsorship program was reopened in Jan 2017. This year the intake for this program has gone up to 10,000 applications. This program operates on first-come, first-served basis. Once, 10,000 applications are received, it will not accept any more applicants.  

Canada immigration policies change very frequently. If you’re not eligible for an existing Canada immigration program, a new policy might come up or an existing program’s criteria could change. 

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If settling in Canada is your dream, then you have all the reasons to be optimistic about the new policies in 2017.


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