Ontario opened Human Capital Priority Scheme for immigrants

The Canadian province of Ontario has opened Human Capital Priority (HCP) stream for immigrants. Notifications of interest (NOI) to be allotted before 2017.

Ontario is accepting applications under one of the most famous Provincial Nominee Scheme for immigration to Canada, Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities (HCP) stream.

The OINP also expects to issue new Notifications of Interest (NOI) to eligible candidates before the end of this year under the Express Entry pool.

The successful candidates in HCP stream are awarded additional 600 CRS points, with an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada. This stream forms a major part of the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP), which is a major provincial nominee program to immigrate Canada.

The selection process is purely based on the eligibility criteria fulfilled by the applicants. It is not a first come, first-served or EOI based process.

To become eligible to apply for HCP stream the applicant needs to have a CRS score of 400 points under Express Entry Pool and desired level of work experience. Sufficient funds to support living in Ontario are also a requirement.

The statistical data shows that Ontario is the topmost priority for most of the newcomers immigrating to Canada.

Contact our counsellors for detailed information and assistance to immigrate under the scheme.

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